The NOWHOUSE was created when Scott Douglas-Redmond was talking to the head one of the San Francisco Departments. Scott mentioned to the official that he thought they had a great lobby display but that their agency office was in such an obscure location that the public never got to see the display. Scott suggested "...moving the display to The San Francisco Giant's Stadium"... where more of the public might see the exhibit. A few days later Scott got a call from the same official, who told Scott:

"I talked to the Mayor and we got you the San Francisco Giant's Stadium. When can you start building...?"

Scott only meant that they should move their small display over there...but... he immediately saw the potential of creating a full size structure with a gauranteed audience flow and large available parking resources.

Scott said: "OK, Let's do it!" , and set out to pull together the engineers, contractors, associations, agencies, community members and suppliers to pull it off. The result was: THE NOWHOUSE



At the end of the showcase-phase of the project (When the SF Giant's needed their parking lot back) Scott and the Team donated the house to Gavin Newsom And The City Of San Francisco. The NowHouse was moved from the AT&T Downtown Ball Park to The community center by Candlestick Park:




...But how do you move a huge two-story home across a huge city? By Barge... It was "sailed" from one side of San Francisco to the other with the help of expert house-movers, barge captains and crane operators:



Scott Douglas-Redmond discusses some of the construction technology:


The Nowhouse was built with Union labor donations, community donations and community residents who were interested in learning careers:



The NOWHOUSE was the CES Smart Phone of the year:


CNET provided home electronics that made THE NOWHOUSE a technological wonder:



After it was constructed at the San Francisco Giant's Stadium. It was moved to a permanent foundation to become the Alice Griffith Community Center:


5006789-1 (2).jpg


Congressional, City and United Nation's officials participated in the opening and promotion of the project:




Scott discusses the project on-site:


The NOWHOUSE received many community awards:





Find another multi-million dollar home in San Francisco erected in a month. It has never been done before:


The NOWHOUSE was featured in global media coverage:






Part of the NOWHOUSE project demonstrated ways to help the Japanese Tsunami victims and other weather disaster regions: